Manufacturers of Trolleys, Racks, Trays, Tables and Plastic Containers


Manufactured in angle section steel or stainless steel, and can be made to any size to suit requirements


Standard trolleys incorporate 4" nylon all-swivel castors

Sizes and types of casters available to suit specific needs

Finish - Galvanize or spray paint.

Trolleys green
Trolleys double
Trolleys in progress
Trolleys yellow

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Bakery Racks

All racks are manufactured in 1" square section mild steel or stainless steel and fitted with 4" castors.

Racking tall

Racks have a fully welded construction making them strong and durable to give maximum life in the most demanding situations.

Single rack
Stainless steel racks
Stainless steel racks 2

Made to order against exact customer specifications


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Baking Sheets

A comprehensive range of baking sheets manufactured from top grade NS3 H4 half hard aluminium

Baking tray

Standard Baking sheets


Peel Lipped Baking Sheets


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Bread Baskets

Two standard sizes of industrial bread baskets.

10 Loaf (code: JRT01)

15 Loaf (code: JRN98)

10 loaf blue
10 loaf stacked blue
15 loaf green
15 loaf stacked green

Easily stackable

10 Loaf (code: JRT01) 15 Loaf (code: JRN98)

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Manufactured in stainless steel and available in standard and customised sizes.

Table and rack
Table on wheels

Readily manufactured to individual customer specifications

Standard sizes:

Non-Standard sizes:
We can make all tables to order and can readily manufacture to customer's own specifications.

Further options:

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Plastic Containers & Bread/Confectionary Trays

Complete range of plastic storage containers, perfect for use in industrial application.

Tapered Moulded Bins

Ingredient Dispense Systems

30"x18" Confectionary Trays

Green mobile
White tapered bin
Red ingredient dispenser
White confectionary tray

Moulded from food grade polyethylene

Key features: Options:

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Steel Supplies

Cut to customer requirements.

H gurder
U gurders

Drilled and red oxide painted available.

Parallel Channels and RSJ / Universal Beams

Standard and Non-Standard sizes:
Any size available!
We can supply to order and can readily manufacture to customer's own specifications.

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Also suppliers of security gates and window guards

Vertical barred window guard
Vertical barred security door
Security mesh
Mesh gate Barrier gate

Mesh and chequer plate sheets

Mesh gates

Industrial gates and barriers

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